Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac ES 2017

Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac ES 2017

Notre professeur vous propose un corrigé pour l'épreuve d'Anglais LV2 du Bac ES 2017.

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L'épreuve se composait d'une partie compréhension écrite et d'une autre sur l'expression écrite. Voici la correction réalisée par notre professeur digiSchool !

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Correction Anglais LV2 - Bac ES 2017

Le contenu du document






1. This document is an advert.

2. This document targets passengers from the lower classes (''Third class accomodation'').


B. Compared with the other ship on the picture, the steamer in the middle looks gigantic and modern. This conveys an impression of power.


C. LVA only

(La lettre pour chacune des questions est décallée mais le corrigé est le bon)



1.Helen is Harry's mother (cf ''her son'' l.5).

2. Helen is ''proud'' (l.17) of her son, quite strict, as she reminds him to ''work hard'' (l.8-9) and maybe also slightly sad or worried to see him go. In fact, she keeps ''tugging'' (l.7) at his clothes ''to straighten'' (l. l8) them, as mothers do when their beloved children are about to leave them.




E. It is a special day because it is the Titanic's first trip (''maiden voyage'' l.5) and Harry's first day at his new job.


F. Harry is a steward, a member of staff in charge of looking after passengers and their needs.


G. HONOURED → ''pride in the fact that her son was to work as a steward on Titanic's maiden voyage'' (l4-5)

     ENTHUSIASTIC → ''especially pleased that Harry had been assigned to steerage class'' (l22)



1. False ''Harry had been assigned to steerage class (…) people like themselves'' (l.22-23)

2. True ''one of the three hundred stewards'' (l.18)

3. False ''to make business contacts or to give them something to boast about at one of their dinner parties'' (l15-16)

4. False ''it hadn't actually been Harry's intention to work on the ship at all'' (l.25)



1. Helen comes from ''the working class'' (l.13)

2. Helen advises Harry to work hard and to look after everyone regardless of their wealth. It seems like typical advice from someone who has herself worked hard all her life and who takes pride in it and also someone who may have been despised in the past because of her lack of money, and yet who knows that a person is worth more than the content of their wallet.




J. Helen is all at once critical of the upper-classes and impressed and curious about them. Indeed, the text says that she has ''no time at all for the stuck-up (...)millionaires'' (l.14) and yet a part of her would love to know more about ''the first-class accomodations'' (l.21).



1. Harry doesn't particularly care that he is going to work on the Titanic, in fact he wanted to work on a smaller ship but circumstances had him reassigned.

2. Helen feels ''unmistakable (…) pride'' (l.4) and is ''absolutely delighted'' (l.17-18).


The way Helen speaks to Harry, insisting on his full family name shows that this is an important occasion for her and she wants him to know that, in a way, he represents the whole family and has to honor them by doing well at his new job.


M. This document focuses on first-class passengers.



1.''a rare gathering of beautiful women and splendid men'' (l.1-2)

2.''liner historians report that no other passenger list of the period ever featured quite as many celebrated names'' (l2-3)

3. ''Those who made ocean crossings regularly found acquaintances on the first-class passenger list'' (l.7-8)






2. This category of people is described as ''hardworking high-achievers'' (l. 12), and contrary to the the other group mentioned in the document they didn't travel for pleasure but for business or political reasons.




P. Because on the ship you could people from very different backgrounds, ''the leisured rich'' as well as the ''hardworking high-achievers'', people who traveled for pleasure and others for serious matters, the expression microcosm, which means miniature world is fitting. Besides, the first-class passengers are described by Lily May Futrelle as ''beautiful'' and ''splendid'' (l.1-2) which justifies the use of ''exquisite » » (l.19)

Q. With our three documents, we see that depending on the social background of the people considered, the Titanic had several functions. It was at the same time a way of travelling to a better future for the poorest passengers, the workplace of hundreds of people like Harry Walsh in document B and a means to do business or to travel to social destinations for first-class passengers, as described in document C.


R. In all three documents, the Titanic is presented as an object of fascination, either because of its size and power in document A, or because of its symbolic association with prestige and progress in document B or even for the way it gathered the rich and famous in one small place.


S. In all three documents, representation and theatricality play a key part. In document A, the design of the poster itself insists on the size and impressive quality of the liner, sailing towards a highly symbolical Statue of Liberty. In document B, it's young Harry Walsh who represents his family and we see his mother checking the details of his appearance, almost as if it were a theater costume. Finally, in document C, we talk about a ''rare gathering of beautiful women and splendid men''(l.1-2) and about the Titanic as a ''microcosm'' (l.19), almost a stage on which the rich and famous of the time acted and interacted together.



Sujet au choix


1) Nelson Figgis / Nancy Little is a third - class passenger on the Titanic. While crossing the Atlantic, he / she writes in his / her diary about his / her motives for travelling and feelings about life on board.

Dear diary, 

I meant to write sooner but the first days on board were so exciting that I didn't have time. You should have seen the crowd on the first day, thousands of people getting aboard and trying to find their cabins! I had never seen anything like it, it was really something! Each to their own of course, it's not like we mixed with the millionaires and their ladies or anything but still, it was fantastic! I share my cabin with other passengers and luckily, they are nice and we get on well. 


Of course, we're all very curious about the first-class passengers and their accomodations. The stewards here are very busy but from time to time one of them tells us about the dining rooms with silver cutlery and crystal chandeliers, about the musicians who play for them while they eat, about the beautiful dresses of the ladies and about the serious looks on the gentlemen's faces. People like me, we're not allowed on the first-class deck of course, but maybe one day…


You see, going to New-York is the start of my new life. I know that if I work hard I will succeed and become rich. They say that everything is possible in America, so why not for me? And who knows, maybe one day I will come back to see my friends, but I will be traveling up there, with the splendid people! My friends won't believe it! They will have to call me sir when I land, haha ! You'll see


2) Joseph Bruce Ismay, the head of the White Star Line Company, delivers a speech for the departure of the Titanic. Write the speech.

Dear passengers, 


It is a great pleasure and a unique honor for me to welcome you here today. You see, what we are going to see is not just the departure of a ship. It is much more than that. What we are witnessing today is history being written, as the biggest most powerful ship ever built launch across the Atlantic Ocean.


The Titanic is bigger than any other liner before and we have passengers from all backgrounds here with us today. For some of you, this is your ticket to a better life, for others, a vastly more convenient way of travelling, increasing your potential for better business. Finally, I know that there are some among who simply wish to experience the Titanic as the most luxurious and pleasant way to travel across the ocean to visit friends and relatives. 


Indeed, we are not just sailing to New York City, we are sailing into the future. This ship has been designed and built using the latest technologies, it is a symbol of what men can accomplish when they use their will and intelligence to conquer nature and make even an ocean seem like a simple lake. In centuries, people will still talk about this day, when the world was made smaller thanks to our ship!


Once again, welcome to all of you and please be assured that the White Star Line will do everything to ensure that you have a pleasant journey.

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