Corrigé Anglais LV2 - Bac ES Métropole 2016

Corrigé Anglais LV2 - Bac ES Métropole 2016

Nous mettons à votre disposition le corrigé d'Anglais LV2 du Bac ES 2016.
Pour vous aider à comprendre ce qui vous est demandé lors de cette épreuve, notre professeur a répondu à l'ensemble des questions de la partie de compréhension écrite et a rédigé les deux sujets d'expression écrite.
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Corrigé Anglais LV2 - Bac ES Métropole 2016

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A. Copy out the right answer.

The narrator is a married woman (b)

B. Using elements from the text, explain what the narrator plans on doing.

The narrator plans on going on a "cross country road trip" (l.1) "by [her]self" (l.13)

C. Using three elements from the text, explain what the narrator’s personal motivations are.

The narrator explains that she was born with "wanderlust" (l.5), the desire to travel, that she wants "time to [her]self" and "an adventure for [her]self" (l.10-11) and most of all, that she wants to experience "the world around[her]" (l.21-22)

D. “I was born with wanderlust in my veins” (l. 5).

1. Give an example of her “wanderlust” in the first paragraph (ll. 1-7).

In the first paragraph, the narrator explains that she had traveled a lot before, going to "Europe, Mexico and all around the South" (l.4-5)

2. Why does she say “in my veins”?

"In my veins" is a figure of speech, it means that wanderlust is and has always been a part of

who she is.

E. Explain in your own words how the narrator’s trip illustrates aspects of the American spirit.

The narrator's cross country road trip embodies several aspects of the American spirit. Freedom to drive for "hundreds of miles (...) [with the] wind blowing (...) and the radio blasting" (l.26-28). Going cross country is also symbolically retracing the steps of the pioneers who gradually settled the country, going from the East coast to the West coast. Finally, we know that cars and roads have played a very important part in the development of American society.



F. Quote three elements from the text showing that Route 66 is neglected today.

The text mentions that along Route 66 there are "derelict gas stations" (l.5), that some places are "vandalized" (l.6) or almost empty "you can spread a cloth and have a picnic" (l.9-10)

G. Explain in your own words why cars no longer use Route 66.

Cars no longer use Route 66 because at some point it had become so popular that traffic was much too dense, another road system was developed and Route 66 was "decommissioned" (l.15)

H. What was done to preserve Route 66? Quote three elements from the text.

Route 66 was added to the World Monument's Fund list of endangered sites. Its motels were included on a National Trust for Historic Preservation's list of Endangered places. Finally, a nonprofit organization is being created to help raise fund to preserve it. (l. 18-22)

I. What does the writer mean when she says: “The highway needs [...] awareness and a national voice” (ll. 16-17)?

The writer means that Route 66 needs to be promoted and that someone or some organization needs to speak for it at the national level.

J. According to the article, why is it important to preserve Route 66? Explain in your own words.

According to the article, preserving Route 66 is important because it is more than just a road, it is a symbol of America's past and a part of its identity.



K. What image of Route 66 does this mural give? Justify.

This image gives the image of an active and pleasant place to visit, with teenagers having fun,a musician playing rock'n'roll and a comfortable Chevrolet car. The cultural significance of McLean is emphasized by the depiction of the emblematic Elvis, singing. Everything looks clean and brightly coloured, which adds to the positive atmosphere.

L. What possible functions could this mural have? Give two functions.

This mural could be used to inform people driving by about the area they are visiting, Or it

could also have been designed as a backdrop for souvenir pictures.



M. Use the three documents to explain the mythical dimension of the road in America.

Document A shows the importance of the road as a symbol of freedom and independence, as a way to discover and experience the vastness of the USA. Additionally, document B tells us that Route 66 has a cultural and historical dimension as well, which is illustrated in bright colours in Document C.




1. You are Emma/Phil Wilson and you work for the Route 66 Preservation Association. Write an e-mail to important Californian businessmen to convince them to support your cause.

To : From : SaveRoute66@Route66PA

Subject : The heart of America needs you !

Dear entrepreneurs,

You are among the most successful businessmen in the country, your companies are globally famous and the names of your brands instantly evoke America everywhere in the world. In short, thanks to your hard work, intuition and determination, you have become national symbols.

Today, another American symbol needs your help. Route 66. We all have memories, images, songs associated with the mythical road. It represents the heart of traditional America, it stands for freedom and the determination of our people to conquer vast territories. We all know it.

And yet, few people know that the ''mother road'' as Steinbeck called it is now endangered and in need of help. Derelict buildings, ugly construction and abandoned sections are just some of the difficulties the road faces. At Route 66 Preservation Association, we are determined to heal this old lady and to make it a busy historic place once more.

That is why we need your help. There are many ways in which you can support our cause. You can support our fundraising campaign by donating via our website. We also encourage you to spread the word and talk to everyone you know about the importance of contributing to the preservation of such a famous historic site. Every effort is welcome in order to save this symbol of the American dream,

Thank you,

Emma Wilson for Route 66 Preservation Association

2. “[...] if I didn’t witness the world around me, I would never know anything beyond myself.” (document A, ll. 21-22). How important is travelling to understanding the world?

In document A, the narrator talks about the importance of witnessing the world around her, in order to really know it. Is experiencing it directly really the only way to know anything about the world? Or are there other ways of discovering what is beyond ourselves?

It is true that travelling does help us understand the world we live in. And even more importantly, the world, environments and people that we do not deal with in our daily lives. When we travel we get to experience directly other countries, other cultures. We can see, hear and taste what life is like in other parts of the world and this first-hand experience is indeed unique and impossible to replace by anything else. No amount of research can replace that.

However, for those who cannot travel as far or as often as they wish to, there are many other ways of discovering the world. By reading the accounts of other travelers for instances, either in books, or on blogs. Even though most of us never will travel to the North Pole, reading books about Arctic expeditions can teach us something of the difficulties faced by the explorers and the lessons they learnt.

What matters more than travels themselves, in my opinion, is the way that you see the rest of the world. You either consider yourself a part of it, or you think of it as ''foreign land'' where everythinig is strange and potentially dangerous. It changes everything in terms of your attitude, and even travelling cannot always change that.

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