Corrigé bac ES Anglais LV2 Liban 2015

Corrigé bac ES Anglais LV2 Liban 2015

Nous vous proposons de télécharger la correction du bac ES d'anglais LV2 du Liban. Ce document a été écrit par notre professeur d'anglais.
Vous pourrez lire les corrections des  questions de compréhension de l'écrit, et les rédactions des expressiosn écrites.

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Corrigé bac ES Anglais LV2 Liban 2015

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Document A

a. The main character is from China.
b. The main character moved to America when she was still a child. She says that her first photo was

taken "the year [she] came to America. [She] was eleven." (l.27-28)
c. She talks about her talent for learning new things at school.
d. She struggled with having to learn a new language when she moved to America. E. She emigrated to America with her mother.

a. determined, strong-willed, versatile, ambitious
b. "pulled forward by the force of my decisions" (l10-11),"I made a decision that changed the

trajectory of the rest of my life" (l.13), "everything that I was taught there, I could learn" (l.2), "And all the while I have longed for that which I could not have" (l.11-12)

a. The little girl is sitting "quietly" with her "eyes shut" (l.15) in a bridal shop.
b. At the moment the little girl is resting but the narrator tells us that when she is older "she will spend

her days and weekends" (l.20) unrelentingly working.

4) The narrator has no photos of herself as a little child, because her family was too poor to afford a camera.


a. She tore it to pieces at some point in the past but kept the pieces in an envelope.
b. This reveals how ambivalent she felt about her younger self, as if she wanted to forget who she h 

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