Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Disgraced heroes in sport - Anglais - Terminale ES

Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Disgraced heroes in sport - Anglais - Terminale ES

Cette fiche de révision d'Anglais de Terminale ES traite du thème "Mythes et héros", sur "Disgraced heroes in sport".

A travers ce document, vous retrouverez l'histoire de certains héros sportifs disgraciés.

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Mythes et héros / Myths and heroes - Disgraced heroes in sport - Anglais - Terminale ES

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People discover them in the news.

They worship them like living gods.

 They follow them on social network.

 They know everything on them.

 They behave as stalkers sometimes.

 They encourage them.

 They feel they are a member of their own family. 

They admired them for what they have.

They are blinded by what they achieved.

They are breathtaken by their resistance to pain.

They transform them into icons.

They quote their quotes.





They discover the truth.

They discover their hero has acted subversively.

They discover they had resisted authority for their own fortune.

They discover they have betrayed their public, their wives, their sponsors.

They discover they were fooled by an image conveyed by the media.

They discover they are simple fraudsters, cheaters, liars.

They discover what shame is because of their hero.


They are laughed at work or during family dinners


They are first blind and deaf to accusations.


They listen, repeat and judge confessions offered by their hero.

They try to analyse, to look for apologies.


They are disappointed, upset, angry, bewildered.

They swear they wouldn’t be caught again in the whirlwind of transe. 

      Then they realize and react by forgetting their hero .

and the next day …


Even if they had sworn to themselves they would never be caught again.


They find a new hero who achieves in sport what they are completely unable to do, and the story starts again, again and again.


Some major athletes were brought to the pinacle such as: Oscar Pistorius, Lance Amstrong, Marion Jones,or Tiger Woods.

The public idolized them, major brands had spent indecent sums of money to have them, people were ready to put their lives in danger just to follow them on bike tours. But these four one day have crossed the frontier between good and bad, between what is forgivable and what is not.





Oscar Pistorius was born in 1986 in South Africa. He was amputated when he was eleven months old.

 He was the first athlete who competed with valid persons.

He was nicknamed: the blade runner.

He was considered as a hero in South Africa where heroes are scarce.

He was no ordinary hero, not even a hero with a rags to riches story.

He became the epitome of excellence, of victory through suffering. He was loved and worshipped by whites but also by black people in South Africa. He gave goosebumps to people. 


But one day on the early hours of a valentine day in 2013, the hero revealed his flaws.

He shot his girlfriend.

Even if warning signs were given before (his short temper, his love for weapons and alcohol).

Even if his trial has been on TV, people do not know yet if he is guilty or not.





"Certainly, I'm a flawed character,''


"I made my decisions. They're my mistake,'' 


“And I'm sitting here today to acknowledge that and to say I'm sorry for that,'' 


"Whether it's fans or whether it's the media ... it just gets going and I lost myself in all that.''


Lance Amstrong was born in 1971 in Dallas, Texas.

He won many tour de france and beat cancer. He was seen as the hero who overcame cancer and who triumphed over disease helping others through charity associations.

He later admitted to have used performance enhancing drugs during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul. He admitted his whole career had been built on conceit, deceit and bullying (he had forced his partners to follow his narrative).

He lost his sponsors such as NIKE or OAKLEY and he had to resigned from his seat at his foundation which changed its name from Lance Amstrong Foundation to Livestrong foundation.

It seems that he wasn’t fully aware of what he had done when he declared to Oprah Winfrey:


“the definition of cheating is to gain an advantage on a rival or foe, I didn’t view it that way. I viewed it a level playing field”.




She was born in 1975 in Los Angeles, USA. She competed in athletics but was also an excellent basketball player.


As a black woman but also as a woman in sports she was worshipped. But in 1999 she took some doping substances. She would admit it later in 2007. She lost her medals and was even convicted of parjury because she had denied her implication in the barco affair.


Completely broke, she would never regain people’s trust.





Born in California in 1975, he discovered golf with his father a former military, and one of the first black who had played baseball when he was at the university. When tiger was five years old he was on the front cover of golf digest a well-known magazine. At the age of 8 he became world champion of juniors.

In 1999 he became the best player of the year and five years in a row he kept his title.

Thanks to his sponsors he is for the Magazine FORBES the best paid player. His biggest sponsor Nike offered him fame, recognition worldwide.

Books were written about him, video games on golf were released. 

His fortune was huge and people loved him because they thought that this man deserved what he had. 




But at the end of 2009, a scandal had been revealed. He cheated with 19 lovers among which there was a porn star. In the USA, such a behaviour is unforgiveable in a very conservative country.


His sponsors decided that he couldn’t represent their brand anymore as he has defied the values they wanted to transmit.

His wife asked for a divorce.

His career stopped as he decided to withdraw from the public eye.

the public couldn’t believe he lied and had to recognize it when he made a public confession in February 2010.

He had a difficult journey to be on the greens again.


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