Sujet Anglais LV1 Bac ES 2017 Métropole

Sujet Anglais LV1 Bac ES 2017 Métropole

Voici le sujet d'Anglais LV1 du Bac ES 2017 de Métropole !
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La première partie de l'épreuve est une compréhension de l'écrit, à partir des 3 documents donnés. La seconde partie est une expression écrite. Vous devez traiter d'un sujet au choix entre : Elena Marimon Munoz gives an acceptance speech at the British Life Photography Award ceremony on the virtues and limits of photography OU Discuss this statement : A camera can be a “wonderful machine”.

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Sujet Anglais LV1 Bac ES 2017 Métropole

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Document A

Breathtaking beauty of Britain: Landscape photographs taken around the UK reveal the stunning wild countryside

The monument rises from a hill behind a shroud of mist. Before it, trees shed their coats into a placid body of water reflecting a cloud-flecked sky.

It could be the setting for a fantasy adventure, a game of thrones played out in murky1 history, whose heroes have long since been forgotten.

And indeed it probably was once, for this ethereal image is a photograph of Glastonbury Tor2, one of England's most spiritual and historic locations.

The photo is just one of dozens of entries from last year’s Take A View Landscape Photographer of the Year Award competition. This year’s competition is now open for submissions from now until July 11.

The brainchild of renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite [...] is one of the world's most exciting photography competitions, but with an exclusive focus on the British landscape.

He said: ‘The power of a photograph can be key to conveying information; what better way to encourage visitors to appreciate what Britain has to offer and to discover that there is joy to be had from our landscapes, whether they be large scale and dramatic or small and involving.’

Unlike many other photographic competitions, the Landscape Photographer of the 20 Year Award celebrates the United Kingdom only, offering photographers worldwide the opportunity to showcase their images of this unique country.

From dramatic cityscapes to rolling countryside, misty tors in the West Country to the turquoise waters of the Hebrides, Britain’s remarkable landscape and volatile weather are showcased in all its beauty.

Last year an atmospheric shot of a misty autumn dawn at Crummock Water in Cumbria won the top spot when Derby photographer, Tony Bennett, became the seventh person to win the prestigious title.

His picture was chosen by the judges from the thousands of entries and appears in the book that accompanied last year’s award. [...]

The 2014 Awards are being held in association with VisitBritain and Countryside is GREAT.

Jasmine Teer, VisitBritain’s photography manager, said: ‘Capturing the breath-taking beauty of Britain’s landscapes through the lens is a skill that should be celebrated and shared, so we are very proud to support the Take A View Awards.

‘Britain’s natural scenery rivals that of many of our competitor destinations. Photographs that showcase the best of Britain play a vital role in VisitBritain’s mission: to raise our profile and inspire people all over the world to come and experience this beautiful country.’

Article from The Daily Mail website by Damien Gayle, May 30, 2014


Document B

The narrator is Amory Clay, a female photographer.

What drew me down there, I wonder, to the edge of the garden? I remember the summer light – the trees, the bushes, the grass luminously green, basted by the bland, benevolent late-afternoon sun. Was it the light? But there was the laughter, also, coming from where a group of people had gathered by the pond. Someone must have been horsing around making everyone laugh. The light and the laughter, then.

I was in the house, in my bedroom, bored, with the window open wide so I could hear the chatter of conversation from the guests and then the sudden arpeggio of delighted laughter came that made me slip off my bed and go to the window to see gentlemen and ladies and the marquee1 and the trestle tables laid out with canapés and punchbowls. I was curious – why were they all making their way towards the pond? What was the source of this merriment? So I hurried downstairs to join them. And then, halfway across the lawn, I turned and ran back to the house to fetch my camera. Why did I do that? I think I have an idea, now, all these years later. I wanted to capture that moment, that benign congregation in the garden on a warm summer evening in England; to capture it and imprison it forever. Somehow I sensed I could stop time’s relentless motion and hold that scene, that split second – with the ladies and the gentlemen in their finery, as they laughed, careless and untroubled. I would catch them fast, eternally, thanks to the properties of my wonderful machine. In my hands I had the power to stop time, or so I fancied.

William Boyd, Sweet Caress, 2015


Document C


Elena Marimon Munoz, Past Present, Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, 2015

This photograph won the 2015 British Life Photography Award in the “Brits on Holiday” category.



Répondre en anglais aux questions.




Document A

Tous les candidats traitent les questions de A à F.

A. Copy the numbers and find the corresponding information.


B. Say whether the following statements are True or False. Justify with one element from the text for each statement.

1. The competition only accepts photographs of British landscapes. 

2. The competition is only open to British photographers.

3. The competition was first organized in 2013.


C. Focus on lines 3 to 8. What adjectives best describe Glastonbury Tor? (two different ideas) Use elements from the text to justify your answers.


D. Copy the right answer(s) and justify with elements from the text.

Charlie Waite says that photography can:

a. be informative.

b. be used to advertise Britain.

c. capture an ephemeral moment.

d. make people appreciate Britain’s beauty.



1. Name three types of landscapes found in the submitted photographs and justify each of them by quoting from the text.

2. Explain in one sentence what this suggests about the British landscape.



1. Identify the two sponsors of the 2014 competition.

2. In your own words, give two reasons why one of the sponsors supports the

competition. Justify with elements from the text.

Seuls les candidats des séries ES, S, et ceux de la série L qui ne composent pas au titre de la LVA (Langue vivante approfondie) traitent la question G.


G. Say if this statement is True or False. Explain your choice in your own words and justify with two quotations from the text.

The article is critical of the competition.


Document B


Tous les candidats traitent les questions de I à L.

I. Pick out information about the scene (country, time of day, season).


J. Put the following sentences in chronological order.

1. The narrator hears noise outside.

2. The narrator goes back to get her camera.

3. The narrator is alone in her room.

4. The narrator decides to join the people in the garden.



1. Comment on the overall mood of the people outside. Justify with two elements from the text.

2. What event may be taking place outside?


L. Focus on lines 14 to 20.

1. What are the narrator’s intentions in taking a photograph? (two ideas) Justify each idea with one quotation from the text.

2. What does this passage show about the power of photography? (two elements)


Document C

Tous les candidats traitent la question N.


N. Document C involves two types of photographers: the tourists and Elena Marimon Munoz.

1. Using elements from the picture, give two reasons why the tourists are taking photographs.

2. In what ways do Elena Marimon Munoz’s intentions differ from those of the tourists? (three elements)


Documents A, B and C

Tous les candidats traitent la question P.


P. Comment on the power of photography as shown in the three documents. (three forms of power)



Afin de respecter l’anonymat de votre copie, vous ne devez pas signer votre composition, citer votre nom, celui d’un camarade ou celui de votre établissement.


Seuls les candidats des séries ES, S, et ceux de la série L qui ne composent pas au titre de la LVA (Langue vivante approfondie) traitent l’un des deux sujets suivants.


Choisir un des deux sujets suivants.

1. Elena Marimon Munoz gives an acceptance speech at the British Life Photography Award ceremony on the virtues and limits of photography. Write her speech. (300 mots ±10%)


2. Discuss this statement from Document B: A camera can be a “wonderful machine” (l. 19). (300 mots ±10%)

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