Sujet bac ES Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

Sujet bac ES Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

Découvrez le sujet du bac ES d'anglais LV1 de Washington, tombé en 2015. Ce sujet est parfait pour vous entrainer à quelques jours des examens. 

Ce sujet est composé de deux textes. Le premier est un extrait de Big Mouth and Ugly Girl de Joyce Carol Oates et le second est un article du site internet de the theguardian

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Sujet bac ES Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

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Document A

The taller of the two men, who wore dark-rimmed glasses with green-tinted lenses, said, “You’re Matthew Donaghy?”

Matt was so surprised, he heard himself stammer, “Y-Yes. I'm – Matt.”

The classroom had gone deathly silent. Everyone was staring at Matt and the two 5 strangers. It was like a moment on TV, but there were no cameras. The men in their dark suits exuded an authority that made rumpled, familiar Mr Weinberg in his

corduroy jacket and slacks look ineffectual.
“Is something w-wrong? What do you want with – me?”
Matt's mind flooded: something had happened at home to his mother, or his

10 brother, Alex... his father was away on business; had something happened to him? A plane crash...

The men were standing on either side of the desk, looming over him. Unnaturally close for strangers. The man with the glasses and a small fixed smile introduced himself and his companion to Matt as detectives with the Rocky River Police

15 Department and asked Matt to step outside into the corridor. “We'll only need a few minutes.”

In his confusion Matt looked to Mr Weinberg for permission – as if the high school teacher's authority could exceed the authority of the police.

Mr Weinberg nodded brusquely, excusing Matt. He too appeared confused, 20 unnerved.

Matt untangled his legs from beneath his desk. He was a tall, lanky, whippet-lean boy who blushed easily. With so many eyes on him, he felt that his skin was burning, breaking into a fierce flamelike acne. He heard himself stammer, “Should I – take my things?” He meant his black canvas backpack, which he'd dropped on to the floor


25 beside his desk, the numerous messy pages of his play script, and his laptop computer. 

Fin de l'extrait

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