Sujet bac ES d'Anglais LV2 2015 - Métropole

Sujet bac ES d'Anglais LV2 2015 - Métropole

digiSchool vous propose de découvrir gratuitement le sujet du bac ES d'anglais 2015. Ce sujet se scinde en deux parties:  un exercice de compréhension de l'écrit et un exercice d'expression écrite.

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Sujet bac ES d'Anglais LV2 2015 - Métropole

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It was 1910, then, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of my coming was near at hand. Thoughts of the past filled me with mixed joy and sadness. I was overcome with a desire to celebrate the day. But with whom? Usually this is done by "ship brothers," as East-Siders call fellow immigrants who arrive here on the same boat. It came back to me that I had such a ship brother, and that it was Gitelson. Poor Gitelson! He was still working at his trade. I had not seen him for years, but I had heard of him from time to time, and I knew that he was employed by a ladies' tailor at custom work somewhere in Brooklyn. (The custom-tailoring shop he had once started for himself had proved a failure.) Also, I knew how to reach a brother-in-law of his. The upshot was that I made an appointment with Gitelson for him to be at my office on the great day at 12 o'clock, I did so without specifying the object of the meeting, but I expected that he would know.

Finally the day arrived. It was a few minutes to 12. I was alone in my private office, all in a fidget [...]. My eye swept the expensive furniture of my office. I thought of the way my career had begun. I thought of the Friday evening when I met Gitelson on Grand Street, he an American dandy and I in tatters. The fact that it was upon his advice and with his ten dollars that I had become a cloakmaker stood out as large as life before me. A great feeling of gratitude welled up in me, of gratitude and of pity for my tattered self of those days. Dear, kind Gitelson! Poor fellow! He was still working with his needle. I was seized with a desire to do something for him. I had never paid him those ten dollars. [...]

It was twenty minutes after 12 and I was still waiting for the telephone to announce him. My suspense became insupportable. “Is he going to disappoint me, the idiot?” I wondered. Presently the telephone trilled. I seized the receiver.

“Mr. Gitelson wishes to see Mr. Levinsky,” came the familiar pipe of my switchboard girl. “He says he has an appointment–”

“Let him come in at once,” I flashed.
Abraham Cahan, The Rise of David Levinsky, 1917 

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