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15 Avril 2018 à 15:32
J'aimerais savoir si mon texte d'anglais pour le BAC oral est bien sans fautes d'orthographes ni de syntaxe et si je réponds bien à ma problématique :
"The notion of "Myth and heroes" refers to fabulous and symbolic stories of the historical heritage of communities or from totally fictional. They are related to real beings or not that we admire by their achievements, words and sometimes by their powers. Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Don Juan, Nelson Mandela or Tristan and Iseult are one of them, their exploits fit in a myth. Let's see some of myths and how these legends and heroes embodied and somehow brought something for everyone.

To beginning, across the King Arthur’s myth, we are able to discover how the legend developed and what do Arthur knights embody. First, the Arthurian myth during 5th Century evokes lots of elements of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s story.
Indeed, this legend talks about father of Arthur: the King Uther Pendragon, Merlin (the magician), Tinagel (place where Arthur was born), the magical sword in a stone made by Merlin, his accession to the throne, Camelot (Arthur’s base and his strong castle), his knights of the Round Table, battles and victories like against Saxons in Mount Badon, the Holy Grail, that’s to say the cup said to bring eternal youth and happiness, of course Excalibur (magical sword given by the Lady of lake) and finally Isle of Avalon where King Arthur died. All of this detail developed a myth of its own which grew up and modified during 9th to 15th century and also popularized the legendary figure of Arthur such as a mythical character.
Afterward, we notice that Arthur and his knights whose Lancelot of Lake the most famous are representative bravery, the power, loyalty, the justice, the chivalry and it’s like that how King Arthur and the Round Table’s knights are a source of inspiration for everyone.
Otherwise, this kind of stories give way to imagination and mysticism whose we can have benefited to creating movies or series and we will find on screens.

On another note, we can evoke another type of heroes and events that fit into the history, the audio document “The Lost hero of 9/11” from BBC World Service which talks about terrorist attacks in 2001and more particularly about Jason Thomas, a former US Marine who helped rescue people in Twin Towers in 2001.
Firstly, according to BBC, Jason knew first tower had been hit and saw the second tower collapse. He feels hungry and in the same time, frightened. Jason Thomas is engulfed in smoke and ash, he used his T-shirt to protect his T-shirt to protect his face and to breath. In his journey, he met another US marine, they decided to conduct a search and rescue: they crawled and waved slowly; they heard a voice of someone, dug in the rubble to free the person.
Finally, they found 2 policers officers and no other survivors just body parts. Well, we learned that Jason risks his life, he saved someone else’s life and he didn’t brag about it and stayed humbles so we can consider him as a fighter.
As previously, we understand that some values get clear of Jason: courage, honor, humility and giving him a status of a real hero.
However, after this event, Jason Thomas suffer from any aftereffects: he had nightmares but he didn’t talk about his surch and rescue mission to his family, it will be disrespectful for him. Jason embodies also the heroism, modesty, bravery and a great humanity because he pushes himself to the limit for someone.
We can think the differents Jason’s acts of courage in period of crisis give all of merits but more even for the survivors.

To conclude, heroes are the people who face many obstacles in their lives who take risks for their passion or to save others. I think heroes become symbols and models. And we can also relate heroes with the idea of progress who can be the cause of progress.
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