Notion Myths and Heros bac oral
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Notion Myths and Heros bac oral

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20 Avril 2017 à 19:13
Bonjour je passe mon oral d'anglais dans 2 semaines et j'aimerai avoir un avis sur ma notion Myths and Heroes pour voir si je peux améliorer certaines choses et corriger mes fautes.
Merci d'avance Razz

I’m going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes.
First of all, I’m going to give a definition about this notion.
Briefly a myth, it’s a story about gods or heroes who can be a popular belief, a tradition or a false notion. An hero can be a mythological figure. It’s a person admired for his or her achievements, courage and noble qualities. So, mythology includes the legends of our history, our religions, stories of how the world was created and our heroes. There are two types of heroes. The fictitious heroes like Alice in wonderland, James Bond and real heroes who live in our society like Queen Elizabeth II or those who lived in another epoch like Martin Luther King.
What impact do they have on our lives? Why are myths and heroes so important to our society?
In the first one myths and heroes allow to dream, to imagine and in a second part they also allow to follow conducts and ideals of celebrities.
Today, many people like legends, myths, to imagine fabulous and fantastic stories, because the population prefers to flee the reality with these problems. We can flee the reality by looking at movies of fiction, by reading books with superheroes and put ourselves in the place of the main character. We appreciate myths like the one of Alice in Wonderland, a famous character in the English culture, who discovers an imaginary world.Or still the adventures of the famous Sherlock Holmes with his fascinating inquiries. Sometimes we would like to have the guile and the intelligence to be able to lead enquiries in the streets of London, or to be an agent to have class and courage of James Bond. Our society, we like becoming identified with heroes who have numerous qualities and a beautiful appearance. Children, teenagers often want to look like their favourite hero as Batman, Harry Potter or a famous singer or an athlete as Michael Jordan.
But , there are men women in reality who showed courage and who became heroes. We would like to be famous celebrities who developed mentalities as Martin Luther King , who defended the cause of the blacks and which fought so that all the world possesses the same rights. The fictitious and the real heroes inspire people everyday thanks to their acts.
It is example for the people and show that to defend just causes and fight for something allows to become a hero.
For example, the americans soldiers of the second world war who fought to deliver France and to win the war became heroes.
So, myths, heroes however is the epoch, were always a member of our daily life and can make us dream that they are fictitious or real.
For me, we can take example on them to improve our life even if we have no powers to help the others and to defend values.
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21 Avril 2017 à 17:50
Coucou!! je passais sur digischool et je suis tomber sur ton post, j'ai essayé de corriger ton intro mais je ne sais pas si elle est correct parce que je suis aussi en terminal mais je pense que ca devrait aller

The notion i'm going to deal with is myths and heroes.
First of all, I’m going to give a quick definition of this notion.
A myth is a story about gods or heroes which can be real or fictional ,the myth includes legends telling about the beginning of our history and our religions. Secondly a hero can refers to a mythological figure. It’s a person who is admired for his achievements, his courage and his noble qualities. Moreover there are several kinds of heroes ; The fictional hero like Alice in wonderland or James Bond , the very personal hero as a person of our family that we look up to , the political hero like Queen Elisabeth II and everyday life heroes like Fireman.
That is why this subject lead me to wonder what is the impact of myth and heroes in our lives ? and Why are they s so important nowadays?

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