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02 Juin 2018 à 19:17
bonjour tout le monde, j'aimerai savoir si il y a des erreurs dans la formulation de mon oral d'anglais concernant la notion espaces et échanges:

The notion I am going to present is about spaces and exchanges. She deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and differents societies. In today modern world, these interactions can take various forms: economic, cultural, informations...
Why travelling abroad is a rewarding experience?
To start we will see that some people discover a new country for it self and following for help poor country.

In the first place, some students decide to participate in a project for learn a foreign language. Today ,there are a lot of business school are partnership abroad. This alows to have a better level in the language learning. For assimilate the english, is more easy because with the training and even hearing a good prononciation and an accent is beneficial. But also because the methods used in the region anglo-saxon are differents in comparaison to the other, like in French. The teachers favour the personal reflexion for the lessons and the homeworks are compulsorily type on a computer for get used to doing in the future jobs. There are students who learn the language like it, and others stay in the house of welcoming people for garden their childrens.
The first documents show it with “Go au pair”. Is a good experience for the children and the for the person welcomed. The sentence said five reasons as to become open-minded, meet new people and even more. There are drawbacks, in particular meet dangerous people or as being alone.
Discover a new universe, maybe by means of the culture and can help us change of environnement or do not depend on your family. For it, exist an organisation who is couchsurfing. The principle is change everyday of the house. The family offer you a place to sleep, eat...
The advantages is discover a different country, the origine is not same and uncover new places. The drawbacks is similary of “Go au pair” and not find anywhere to sleep, so he can be a daily stress.
The document for the second subsection is a slogan and sentences who explain the priciple.

We just saw in the first part that to go abroad it's positive for our general culture and yourself. Now, we will study, we can go somewhere else for help countries in dificulties.

Afterwards, we can include the fact that travel is not only for we, this maybe help population in difficulties.
This difficulties can vary according the people concerned. The continent most affected is the Africa with the violent war devastating whole villages. The results can be material or humanist. A lot of persons left their native due to the contentions in this continent,
In the regard to the material, he exist not a lot aids economics from their country. Help population poor or are difficulties is very important is the world because the earth must be preserved for the future. The conflicts make a lot of damage who converned everybody. But for example the Europe can find money. But also, associations are there for raise funds in putting event.
The organisation for this is international volunteer, it's about helping disadvantages people without heing paid. Here, is totally the opposite because are the benevols who bring the money.
Then there are movements for help children who don't have material or conditions prosperous like in the countries european or better-of. Especially in Africa like the precedent parts. We can not say that this children are unfortable but they hope a life with the better conditions.
For example I chose a document particular document beause is the website who presents the organisation “UNICEF” : This kind of volunteering is reachable for everybody. Even the children can help from six years holds for develop a project in their classes or elsewhere. Unicef assists the children for a lot of reasons like the rights of handicaps, discriminations, to food and water...The goal is to reduces inequalities in the earth.

For conclude, the notion spaces and exchanges is very large because we can go abroad for itself, that is to say learn news countries, language and cultures doing others activities and travel. But also for the conditions in the other regions who are try to help people poor or in difficulties.

merci d'avance Smile
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04 Juin 2018 à 10:46
Salut Laurabonnet, je te propose plutot de poster ton devoir sur notre site d'aide aux devoirs suivant : Bon courage Smile

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